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          UGA影院礼物 她杀死的怪物 由阮魁,通过UGA副教授牛逼导演。安东尼·马洛塔,倍频程3-5,8-11在下午8点和倍频程13日下午2:30在美术楼,255鲍德温ST的地下室影院。

          门票$ 16或为UGA学生$ 12,并可以在网上购买 ugatheatre.com/monsters通过电话在706-542-4400或亲临演艺中心或大老中心票房。

          而五双头龙,恶魔和兽人填充的幻想世界 她杀死的怪物, the core of the story centers on high school teacher Agnes and her quest to find a meaningful connection with her recently-deceased sister, Tilly. After a car accident claims the lives of her family, Agnes dives headlong into her younger sister’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign with the help of Tilly’s nerdy friend Chuck. Along the way, Agnes must contend with demon queens, dark elves 和 vampire cheerleaders while battling her own real-life monster, grief.

          用“怪胎”文化在成功的节目,如怀旧回潮 大爆炸理论奇怪的事情, the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons has become more widely known to the general public after decades of sustained popularity amongst its die-hard fans. There is even a Dungeons & Dragons club at UGA that invites newcomers to learn the game, teaching amateur players the essentials of being an effective “dungeon master” who leads campaigns. The communal nature of the game 和 its emphasis on creativity appealed to lighting designer Travis Blansit, himself an avid player.

          “D&D gives you permission to see or be whatever your imagination allows,” he said. “The possibilities are endless.”


          “Agnes’ world is full of loss 和 a kind of scary uncertainty about what comes next,” Marotta said. “Tilly has invented an entire fantasy world within her Dungeons & Dragons campaign as a way of escaping her isolation—learning to enjoy the uncertainty in a way that provides her limitless expression.”

          通过使用木偶,录像投影,3D打印道具,服装的传统和化妆,设计团队的 她杀死的怪物 是把蒂莉的幻想世界的生活在舞台上的意图。

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