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          校园新闻 Science & Technology

          Hornak named research AVP for integrative team initiatives

          Lawrence Hornak (Photo 通过 Amy Ware)

          The Office of Research, with support from the Provost’s Office,

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          During Hornak’s time as associate dean, the college’s research expenditures tripled and UGA was awarded its first IUCRC grant from the National Science Foundation. He also led the proposal for UGA’s I-Corps program, now a central component of the university’s innovation plan. Prior to joining UGA, he spent nearly 10 years in AT&T Bell Labs research and more than 20 years as a faculty member at West Virginia University. At WVU he provided founding leadership for the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, the NSF Center for Identification Technology and the state’s nanoscience and engineering initiative. For the four years prior to coming to UGA, Hornak served as a program manager at NSF, where he led their programs that partner universities with industry.

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