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          Business & Economy 格鲁吉亚的影响


          Baylee Marsh, founder of Baylee Bakes, pitches her business to a panel of judges during the 2019 Summer Launch Competition on Aug. 8 at 工作室225 in Athens. (Photo 通过 Matt Hardy)

          A Grady College entrepreneur collects the $5,000 business boost

          A company that creates colorful, custom-made iced sugar cookies for any occasion won the $5,000 top prize at UGA’s 2019 Summer Launch Program pitch competition at 工作室225 对译者: 8。

          “I started an Instagram account as my creative outlet because I made cookies for fun, and then someone emailed me and said, ‘Hey, can I order some cookies,” said Marsh, a 新闻与大众传播学院格雷迪

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          In awarding her the top prize, the judges noted a key reason for her win was she already had a viable business.

          “It has great potential, you have proven revenue, you’re doing this, and it’s a real business,” said 业务的特里学院 alumnus Teak Shore, owner of Southern Lighting Source. “One of the things we were most impressed with is you’re pulling this off while you’re still in school.”

          Marsh never thought much about entrepreneurship before her business started, but turned to the UGA创业计划

          “My company kept growing and growing, and it was so much I couldn’t handle it, so I came [to the 创业计划], did the Accelerator and fell in love with it,” she said.

          Photo of winner.

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          Paggo, which bills itself as a mobile work closet, was created 通过 2019 Terry College graduates Lee Setty and Josefina Rodriguez Sturba and finished in third place.



          工作室225 serves as a focal point for student 革新 and a place for potential collaborators to meet. The Summer Launch, now in its third year, is also conducted with support from the Advanced Technology Development Center.

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